Anonymous said: OMG you're so beautiful I love your hair!!! Did people play or touch your hair to offten? I would do it X3. You have a pic of your hair down backwards?...


    Yep! People play with my hair a lot when it is down and I’m totally cool with it as long as you ask first and don’t super mess it up. I don’t have any recent pics of my hair down and straightened in the back… it’s too hard to take pics by myself and too embarrassing to ask someone else to take pics of it for me.

    All I have is this gif of it in a ponytail from about 6-ish months ago…


    Notice about asks (bc I have a lot of them rn)


    Just wanted to let you know that if you have more personal asks, or want to know more about my private life I will probably only answer asks that are off anonymous so that I can respond privately.

    I’m not upset with anything I have been sent recently, I just want you to know that if I don’t respond to an ask about my personal life, that that’s prolly the reason.

    That’s all! Thanks for reading!


    Anonymous said: If you aren't rapunzal then, what princess are you? No normal girl gets hair like that. It's magic. Your either a fairy tale princess or a witch.

    I am a mahou shoujo.

    A sailor senshi.

    I am Sailor Moon. 


    Anonymous said: Are you rapunzal?


    I’m just a simple carb.


    Anonymous said: How do you do that bun ? My hair is too long for what I've been doing

    I literally tie my hair into a knot.

    First I tie it up into a ponytail (important to keep the bun in one spot), then i tie it into a knot and wrap the excess hair through and around the knot, then tie down the knot with another hair tie, then I use a large hair clip (or two medium sized clips) to hold it in place.

    It doesn’t look super cute or fancy but it lasts the longest for me, and not only does the clip help the hair stay in places but it better distributes the weight of my hair and keeps me from getting headaches when I have my hair  up.

    If you don’t really get what I am saying maybe I can make a video or something.


    keralaurenn said: Where are you from

    I was born in Minnesota but now I live in Arizona


    Anonymous said: How hard is it too keep such long hair healthy? And, like, how hard is it to wash and all that? I just wonder, cause, whenever mine gets longer than my shoulders it suddenly gets twice as difficult to keep from feeling like straw to me. Props on yours, btw, it looks super pretty no matter how you wear it.

    I wouldn’t say my hair is super healthy or anything, I get split ends and stuff from straightening it and lightening it so much and stuff, but it is fairly healthy and soft to the touch and has never felt dry or brittle.
    It doesn’t take much upkeep to make it stay healthy for me… I just buy whatever moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is at costco honestly (usually dove, pantene or bed head brand) and i make sure to keep the conditioner in my hair for at least 5 minutes.
    Maybe it helps that I don’t wash my hair every day in order to keep my hair’s natural oils and use shower caps a lot.
    It is annoying to wash sometimes just because my hair gets really heavy when it’s weighed down with water and I have to use so much shampoo and conditioner just to get my hair fully covered, but I’m used to it.
    And thank you! I’m sure your hair looks incredible too!


    zappaslave said: I too have long hair. Do you have issues with it breaking often and finding your hair, say, wrapped around your toe or just doing extra cleaning/vacuuming because of it?

    My hair doesn’t really break but it does shed everywhere. And omg yes, when I’m barefoot and walking in my room or taking a shower sometimes my hair gets wrapped around my fingers and toes and I hate it. Wearing dark clothing sucks sometimes too because then all my hair that sheds just sticks to it and it’s easy to see.


    The weather forecast said 20% chance of rain


    turntables-to-gramophones said: That length suits you very well actually!

    I think so too!
    Too bad I’m so attached to my hair, I guess…


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